Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Surgical Rehabilitation is our specialty. In Get Well Physical Therapy, we treat many different post-surgical conditions such as total/ partial joint replacements, ACL reconstruction, rotator cuff repair, labral repairs, meniscus surgery, arthroscopic and spinal surgeries. The main focus in post-operative rehabilitation is to re-establish joint kinematics, muscle strength and finally full function. It is important to understand that rehabilitation is a long process where the surgery is performed within hours but rehabilitation takes months. Rehabilitation is a progressive activity where progression means gradually increasing workloads on the joint as per patient tolerance. As healing takes place, proper stimulation and guidance will prevent any secondary complications and accelerate healing.

Chronic Injuries

Whether it is neck pain, back pain or tendinitis, we treat it all and we are here for you. Chronic aches and pains make up one of the top reasons why people seek physical therapy treatment. We do a thorough assessment of not just the problematic joint but also your movement patterns and kinematics to point out any compensations. It may be a trigger point, inflamed tendon, locked up joint, improper movement pattern or bad habits that onsets your symptoms, you will not reach to 100% symptom-free level without removing all contributing factors. Your treatment will be based on your pain, presentation and what your personal goals are. Make an appointment today to get personalized care at Get Well Physical Therapy.

Vertigo Treatment

Vertigo, which can be caused by an inner ear problem, concussion, allergies or neck problem, is the sensation of feeling dizziness, unsteadiness, spinning. Even though vertigo is more common in individuals over 65 year old, it can happen to anyone with an insidious onset. Vestibular treatment is a branch of physical therapy that treats vertigo and any contributing factors. A full assessment including past medical history, eye examination, vestibular clinical tests, balance, and proprioception is performed in order to determine the causes and any contributing factors. Many of our vestibular patients feel an improvement of their symptoms after 1st session.

Preventative Screens

At Get Well Physical Therapy, we offer

  • Mobility Assesment for Athletes
  • Fall Risk Assessment for Elderly
  • Runners Mobility Screen
  • Posture and Ergonomics

Screening is a great way to stop injury from happening. One of the challenges today is that many of us want to progress to the next level without having our fundamentals down first. This is a problem because you cannot put fitness and well being on dysfunction. Injury prevention has to come before any goal of fat loss, weight loss, muscle building, or performance enhancement.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries have sidelined many athletes for games, seasons, and worse, careers. Injuries are common while participating in organized sports, competitions, training exercises, or fitness activities. Poor training methods, inadequate warm-up as well as stretching, and lack of conditioning are a few of the causes of sports injuries. Coping with sports injuries often requires physical rehabilitation. Physical therapy helps people rebuild strength and movement in parts of their body after an injury. Therapy will also help with managing pain and preventing permanent damage and recurring problems.

NormaTec Recovery System

NormaTec is a one-of-a-kind tool for efficient & effective warm up & recovery not only for athletes but for all who keep an active lifestyle. Compression combined with massage employe three different techniques including pulsing motion, gradient technique and distal release. Pulsing motion is a more effective approach to moving fluids during a massage. The next massage used is the gradients technique that holds fluids to keep them from traveling up the veins the wrong way. This allows for constant pressure instead of pressure that tapers off. The final technique is the distal release. This releases pressure as soon as possible for normal circulatory flow, but enables maximum rest times without too long of a pause between compression cycles. You can experience a full arm or leg recovery with NormaTec. Do not take out word for it and try it today.